The Pinarello Dogma F road bike takes the feeling, performance and speed to the next level. This bike haseven better aerodynamics than the F12 version. The gain between an already high performance F12 version and the Dogma F increases to 4.8% on a disc version. The wind is the main obstacle to the cyclist’s progress. Anything that can be gained will significantly increase the results and condition of the cyclist.

The frame of the Pinarello Dogma F has a slightly more curved shape than the version of the F12, the bottom bracket is more voluminous as well as the shape of the fork. Pinarello has done a lot of research and testing on the integration of the caliper on the fork. The Pinarello Dogma F Disk also retains the Ticr technology. This allows the cables and hoses to be fully integrated into the frame, steering and handlebars.

Weight 11 kg
Taille Vélo Route



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